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Trading Solutions

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS Tool – An Aid to trading floor

Trading has been transformed. Today’s traders no longer work in isolation but interact with several individuals using a range of different communications devices. In the new world of Dodd-Frank and MiFID II the need to separate relevant information from vast data pools has never been more important. Traders use voice communication, email, instant messaging, video and often their own devices to collect information from colleagues, analysts, data from exchanges, MTFs…

VoIP Recording, SIP Recording

VoIP: Voice over IP Call Recording solutions in the ‘Now’ customer era!

The days of communicating with your customers via analog or digital phones are over. Voice over IP (VoIP) is changing the way we all communicate and do business. That means financial institutions, government organizations and other regulated enterprises must capture and record all VoIP calls. NICE provides the ideal answer. NICE ranks among world’s most innovative companies, placing in “top 10” innovators in money category.  ADVANCETECH is an authorized channel…

Modular Non-volatile Solid State Recorders

Modular Non-volatile Solid State Recorder from CALCULEX!

CALCULEX designs and manufactures state-of-the-art electronics for military, aerospace and commercial markets. CALCULEX Modular Non-volatile Solid State Recorders (MONSSTR®) are used worldwide in mission-critical applications including the USAF F-15E and F-15C/D operational fleets and B-1 Laptop Controlled Targeting Pod. MONSSTR recorders are designed to record video with audio, MIL-STD-1553, PCM, serial, Ethernet, fiber channel and ECL signals. CALCULEX is certified AS9100B/ISO9001:2008. The MONSSTR Model CSR-2300(V2) multi-purpose recorder has been chosen by…

Painting spray booths

Use of Programmable Automation Controller in Painting spray booths

Ascon Tecnologic’s PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) has solved the control of sophisticated painting spray booths for the automotive industry. The system assures enhanced tasks such as: Additional air flow, to achieve the required temperature and to avoid dust Heat energy optimization Static electricity Neutralization or reduction Eco function to adjusts airflow and reduce cycle times. Remote monitoring and control functions The Ascon Tecnologic solution The solution can be found by…

Sigma CanOpen Series

Sigma I/O modules for controlling temperature under extreme ambient conditions in a glass plant

AsconTecnologic’s Sigma I/O modules have been used under extreme ambient conditions to control temperature in a forehearth of a glass plant in Siberia. The forehearth must grant a thermal process suitable to obtain a defined and stable glass temperature together with thermal homogeneity and stability. Also required is the capability to quickly reach the thermal stability after a job change. Efficient conditioning depends on the mechanical characteristics of the forehearth…


Hand held instruments for Nuclear Power Plants!

Applications for hand-held instruments in nuclear power plants fall into two general categories, worker oriented and location oriented. Worker Oriented Instrumentation There are two levels of workers who use hand-held devices – those on the Rad Protection staff with a working knowledge of Health Physics and those with only a basic knowledge of radiation who perform specific tasks at the plant (electrician, mechanical technician, welder, etc.). CANBERRA offers hand-held HP…