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Trading Solutions

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS Tool – An Aid to trading floor

Trading has been transformed. Today’s traders no longer work in isolation but interact with several individuals using a range of different communications devices. In the new world of Dodd-Frank and MiFID II the need to separate relevant information from vast data pools has never been more important.

Traders use voice communication, email, instant messaging, video and often their own devices to collect information from colleagues, analysts, data from exchanges, MTFs and other venues. Etrali solutions help the new era of traders to succeed in this dynamic world, where milliseconds can create the difference.

Flexible trading systems such as Open Trade, cloud-ready trading solution, combine voice and all forms of data. As globalization creates new challenges in up-scaling infrastructure, Etrali’s scalable solutions offer flexibility that helps to minimize the total cost of ownership.

Etrali has a long track record of trading room innovation. With over 40,000 turrets live, in 25 cities, across 85 sites we provide truly global coverage.

Trading Solutions
Trading Solutions


Equipping you for the new trading environment:

  • Ensuring you benefit from the very latest technologies
  • Providing highly qualified teams to serve you across borders, languages and diverse in-country infrastructures
  • Consultants understand how to optimize your communications infrastructure
  • Helping you to navigate compliance, security and service-level issues that can be a barrier to entry, especially in high-growth markets

We promise to provide the quality of service that goes beyond an SLA to make us a trusted long-term partner.

ADVANCETECH is an authorized distributor for Etrali Trading solutions. For more information, please visit,  TRADING FLOOR COMMUNICATIONS

VoIP Recording, SIP Recording

VoIP: Voice over IP Call Recording solutions in the ‘Now’ customer era!

The days of communicating with your customers via analog or digital phones are over. Voice over IP (VoIP) is changing the way we all communicate and do business. That means financial institutions, government organizations and other regulated enterprises must capture and record all VoIP calls. NICE provides the ideal answer. NICE ranks among world’s most innovative companies, placing in “top 10″ innovators in money category.  ADVANCETECH is an authorized channel partner for NICE.

Compatible in All VoIP environments

The NICE Engage Platform makes VoIP-based call recording simple and cost-effective. It provides you with easy-to-use, software-only recording with a minimal footprint and a guaranteed low total cost of ownership. It supports all call recording needs and in any VoIP environment, including:​

  • Active VoIP call recording – enabling efficient recording of all calls from a centralized location with no need for set-up, administration or management at remote sites
  • Passive VoIP call recording – NICE Engage Platform passively “sniffs” audio streams along the IP path and supports every telephony environment that uses standard Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
  • SIP trunk recording – enabling you to record from a centralized location by tapping the main SIP trunk, thus enabling low-cost recording from a centralized location
  • Standard SIPREC support – via integration with SBCs from leading vendors enabling you to maintain call security while using best-in-class call recording software with a standard recording protocol
VoIP Recording, SIP Recording



NICE VoIP call recording technology seamlessly integrates with products from all leading IP telephony vendors. This gives you the flexibility and convenience to use and select the equipment of your choice now and in the future.

Unrivaled experience and expertise

NICE is a true pioneer in VoIP recording. We’re the industry’s leading supplier and hold multiple patents for VoIP recording technology. With the largest install-base, organizations around the world rely on their technology to record millions of customer interactions every day. This helps them maintain compliance, improve service levels and learn more about their customers.

Compreh​ensive and cost e​ffective

Reliability. Your enterprise needs it and you’ll get it with unique resiliency options available for the NICE Engage Platform, backed by their vast experience in the most mission-critical environments, including leading banks and trading floors. You’ll also be able to easily scale to address your growing recording needs. And do it cost-effectively with the highest compression, largest capacity, a low cost of ownership and best investment protection.​​​

Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from NICE’s VoIP Recording solution. ​For more information, please visit : Voice over IP (VoIP)


Intelligent Trading with Open Trade!


Open Trade is the first intelligent trading communication platform that associates all traders’ communication channels in perfect synchronization. With its high-tech touch screen and elegant, slim-line design, Open Trade offers the very latest in trading communications technology.

It builds upon the proven technology provided by Etrali Trading Solutions and trusted by clients across the financial industry. It delivers a single point of convergence for information and conversations. Etrali’s clients and their people rely on the power of its performance, which facilitates swift decision-making and improves processes.

Simple, efficient and highly customizable, Open Trade is equipped with the up-to-date technology to keep conversations clear regardless of background noise or interference. And with instant access to unlimited contacts, trading becomes faster and more accurate than ever before.

Open Trade acts as a single point where perfect communications converge via a user-friendly interface that can be configured to the needs of the individual. Sophisticated and robust, it makes no excuses to the day-to-day demands of modern trading.

ADVANCETECH is a leading provider of convergent voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services, and offers flexible, unified voice trading and compliance solutions, including mobile recording and business continuity. We deliver innovative communications for financial trading, empowering business transformation to meet fast-changing market requirements with solutions for trading communications, compliance services and cloud services.

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Now Its Time to SIP Technology!


What is SIP?

SIP : The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling communications protocol, broadly used  for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice  and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP) network.

The protocol defines the messages that are sent between endpoints, which direct establishment, termination and other essential components of a call. SIP can be used for creating, modifying and terminating sessions comprising of one or several media streams.

Basically, SIP is a text-based protocol with syntax similar to that of HTTP. There are two different types of SIP messages: requests and responses. The first line of a request has a method, defining the nature of the request, and a Request-URI, indicating where the request should be sent. The first line of a response has a response code.

Dealer boards use IP LAN/WAN infrastructures to provide greater flexibility of deployment options in combination with SIP.

They are designed to leverage industry standard protocols and to ensure an easy integration with your company’s IT solution providers and Administrative TDM or SIP Telephony infrastructures (PBX, IP PBX)

It has moved from a “hardware only” design to a combination of software and hardware components, facilitating platform upgrades and support.

Dealer Boards with SIP technology use multicast technologies to optimize bandwidth and offers three typical architectures: standalone, datacentre and remote, which can be simplified and combined.

So upgrade your Trading Floors with SIP based Dealer boards! And move ahead with the technology!