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Training Car

Autotronics – Automobile Engineering

The objective of Automobile Engineering (Autotronics) is to develop and understand the principles of conversion in design, construction and working of mechanical systems and electronic systems in automobiles.

The major development in recent years of electronics in the automobile sector has resulted in a wide dissemination of systems containing electronic components more and more sophisticated such as:

  • The electronic management of the petrol engine with reduced emissions.
  • The control of the diesel engine with high pressure injection.
  • The control systems of braking (ABS) for improved security.
  • The traction control and stability program (ESP) for greater drivability.
  • The electrical wiring based on multiplex board networks to increase the performance, reliability and comfort.
  • Diagnostic thorough and standardized for efficient maintenance service.

From this fact comes the need to create professionals with adequate training in the electronics sector – car in basic knowledge, and in the most advanced technological applications.

Training Car

The evolution of technology and the electronic components in the auto industry also requires a continuous updating theoretical, experimental and practical of the operators of the sector. In the formation all this entails the need to have systems in modular and flexible, capable of adapting to diversified needs and constantly changing.

ELETTRONICA VENETA SpA has developed environments and solutions for education and research are ideal for this purpose, making a series of equipment that allow you to analyze in a theoretical and experimental basis starting from the electrical systems of up to more complex systems.
The various topics of the topics following are organized to form a teaching program that includes both the theoretical introduction to the practical experiments.

  • Basic knowledge of the operation of the main mechanical and systems that make up the vehicle are designed with software simulations run in a Windows environment.
  • In-depth analysis of all electrical / electronic engine control and vehicle movement including the search for anomalies operation and subsequent development.
  • Use of the most modern multi-brand diagnostic systems applied in practice offi china on cars more technologically advanced.

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Trading Solutions

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS Tool – An Aid to trading floor

Trading has been transformed. Today’s traders no longer work in isolation but interact with several individuals using a range of different communications devices. In the new world of Dodd-Frank and MiFID II the need to separate relevant information from vast data pools has never been more important.

Traders use voice communication, email, instant messaging, video and often their own devices to collect information from colleagues, analysts, data from exchanges, MTFs and other venues. Etrali solutions help the new era of traders to succeed in this dynamic world, where milliseconds can create the difference.

Flexible trading systems such as Open Trade, cloud-ready trading solution, combine voice and all forms of data. As globalization creates new challenges in up-scaling infrastructure, Etrali’s scalable solutions offer flexibility that helps to minimize the total cost of ownership.

Etrali has a long track record of trading room innovation. With over 40,000 turrets live, in 25 cities, across 85 sites we provide truly global coverage.

Trading Solutions
Trading Solutions


Equipping you for the new trading environment:

  • Ensuring you benefit from the very latest technologies
  • Providing highly qualified teams to serve you across borders, languages and diverse in-country infrastructures
  • Consultants understand how to optimize your communications infrastructure
  • Helping you to navigate compliance, security and service-level issues that can be a barrier to entry, especially in high-growth markets

We promise to provide the quality of service that goes beyond an SLA to make us a trusted long-term partner.

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