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I/O modules application for Cryogenic gas filling station

Input-output interface provides a method for transferring information between internal storage and external I/O devices. Peripherals connected to a computer need special communication links for interfacing them with the central processing unit.

Ascon Tecnologic’s Sigma I/O modules are used in a plant that loads gas into bottles for transportation. This plant includes a central cryogenic tank, a high pressure pump, a vaporizer and several filling stations. The plant requires controls to be mounted in each location with a really distributed system.

Cryogenic gas filling station
Cryogenic gas filling station

The process uses the controlled low temperature technology that compensates the heating generated by the compression of the gas into the bottles.

Main variables and data to be monitored and controlled to guarantee the correct and safe automatic operation of the plant include:

  • Temperature of the liquefied gas at the pump delivery
  • Temperature of the gas downstream of the vaporizer
  • Temperature of the pump stuffing box
  • Temperature and pressure at the bottles filling


The Ascon system and in particular the Sigma I/O modules were preferred thanks to some of their specific characteristics such as:

  • Modules are stand-alone, with built-in Fieldbus interface and power supply thus allowing it to realize a really distributed system
  • Modules are intelligent, thus allowing it to unburden the CPU and increase the connectivity speed
  • Modules are flexible easily configurable as inputs or outputs

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